Shingle style home, Rye Brook, NY

Project location: Rye Brook, NY
Project type: Custom Home
Floor area: 7000 square feet
Completion date: 2009
Architect: Brad DeMotte, R.A.

This shingle style home was designed for a young family with small children, on a “tear-down” lot in a residential neighborhood. The lot was long and shallow, so the design response was similar in order to conform to the zone code regulations.

Cedar shingles were selected for the roofing and siding, with a stone base that wraps around the house. Tapered bungalow columns sit on stone piers at the covered porches, while copper is used extensively for gutters, flashing and at the roof above the entry. The cedar shingle siding sweeps in 3 horizontal bands to break up the siding, while the upper gables have shingles set in a diagonal pattern to do the same. Aluminum clad windows were finished in a bronze color, while all exterior PVC trim was painted a deep red……resulting in a very natural and rustic appearance.