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Shingle Style House Architect: Connecticut & New York

Shingle Style Home Design for Fairfield County CT, Westchester County NY, & Beyond

Planning to build your new shingle style home in New York or Connecticut? We can help!

DeMotte Architects is your shingle style home architect for CT & NY. We have 30+ years of experience in home design!

Turn your dream shingle style home into a reality with DeMotte Architects. We design custom shingle style homes based on your lifestyle and vision.

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Custom house by CT & NY shingle home architect DeMotte Architects

Build a new shingle style house customized for your needs…

Shingle style houses by DeMotte Architects bring together timeless design + modern tech + best practices in construction.

Our detailed construction drawings help outline the work for builders so that they can provide more accurate estimates. Buyer Beware – Vague construction drawings leave too much for the imagination and builders often have to charge more for the unknowns. Only work with an architect who’s experienced, reliable, and detailed, to help ensure your project’s success.

Additionally, detailed drawings help keep new home projects on time and on budget!

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DeMotte Architects: Serving Fairfield County Connecticut, Westchester County New York, and Beyond

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