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5 Most Common Mistakes Homeowners Make When Remodeling

1: They don’t spend enough time in the house:
Many homeowners don’t live in their house long enough to understand what works, what doesn’t, what they’d like to change & why.

Ideally, you should live in a house for at least a year to experience all 4 seasons. Things like light, views, noise, traffic patterns & flow may not be apparent right away until you start living in the house. Some clients remodel shortly after buying without ever living in the house, which is a real roll of the dice.

2. They don’t hire an architect:
While most remodeling projects require a building permit so architectural drawings are needed, there are loopholes around that. An inexperienced draftsman might be hired who would then have a licensed architect “seal” the plans.

A builder might do his own rudimentary plans, barely enough to get a permit much less to build from. The state of CT has a huge loophole that allows any residential project under 5000 SF to be done by anyone… homeowner included, with the proverbial napkin sketch being done & a permit being issued.

The expertise a professional architect brings to the table is well worth the money spent & is critical to the success of a remodeling project. Trudging forward without a good set of well thought out plans is a recipe for disaster that will most likely cost more during construction.

3. They underestimate the project cost & the time to complete:
Most homeowners have no idea of construction costs, so they grossly underestimate how much a project will cost & how long it will take to complete. This will only increase their stress level & can even promote a sense of failure.

4. They don’t ask enough questions:
Homeowners don’t ask enough questions of themselves, the architect, or the builder. If they get swept up in the construction process, they can end up unhappy with products used or the final results because they didn’t ask enough questions at the appropriate time.

They should remember that it’s their money & they should know how & why it’s being spent.

5. They wait until construction starts & then change their minds:
Changes made during construction are costly… that’s why you should hire an architect, think it through, & get it right on paper. It’s much more expensive to make changes during construction, & things will come to a grinding halt if the homeowners can’t make decisions as these changes are occurring.

Advice For a Smooth Running Project

1. Listen to the professionals:
This might be your first or second time remodeling, but your architect & builder have most likely done hundreds of projects over 10, 20, or 30 years. That said, judge their comments carefully or ask for second opinions by others, as you want to make sure their interests align with yours.

2. Choose your teammates wisely:
Whether it be an architect, interior designer, or builder, ask to contact their last 3 clients… not any 3, but their last 3. This will give you the best assessment of their current level of quality, ability, & customer service. If they’re busy, they may be worth waiting for.

How To Hire an Architect For Your Home Remodel:

Step one is to schedule a consultation for your remodel in Connecticut or New York. We’ll discuss your goals and budget, and it’s as easy as scheduling a call today.

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