David & Erin Mayo

We heartily make the strongest referral of Brad DeMotte to you.   In July 2009 he took on a difficult but large addition (doubling the size of our home) and renovation of our existing 1929 Tudor home located in Rye, NY.  As expected from an architect with his credentials, the resulting construction plans are of maximum integrity and style created within the constraints of a modest budget.  We could not be happier.  Furthermore, he foresaw and handled the many details that are most encumbering during the planning period and start of construction: dealing with zoning, planning departments, permits, surveyors and other subcontractors.   His commanding, personable and humorous disposition greatly eases the stresses created from realizing your budget, being a first-timer in a large renovation and building project and dealing with your general contractor.  We are hugely appreciative, and we strongly recommend Brad for future architectural projects.