David & Odie Dobbins

It is with pleasure that we write this letter concerning our extensive experience working with Brad DeMotte.

As general background, we purchased a relatively small two bedroom “summer house” on 4 acres in upper Westchester County, NY. Brad patiently helped us to completely reconfigure the house with a more contemporary, energy efficient design which nearly doubled the square footage.
He was extremely helpful during the design phase by carefully listening to our design ideas and by providing numerous relevant design books with similar layouts so we could refine our “vision”. He then laid out sketch options and was responsive with back and forth revisions until we achieved the final design – in a surprisingly short amount of time. In addition, he filed for and was granted a variance by our Town Zoning Board so our house could be built as we envisioned it and as Brad designed it.

Brad was also closely involved in the pricing and bidding process. We used his bid form so we could easily compare the various proposals. His technical expertise was helpful as we sorted through the various bids. Also, his highly detailed final plans provided clear guidelines for all phases of the project – one builder commented that he had never seen so much detail in a set of drawings.

The project ran into severe difficulty when the selected builder had some business and personal disruptions which caused an inability to complete the job in a timely and workman-like manner. Brad helped us to uncover and document any and all structural issues by performing numerous site visits and phone consultations. He helped us determine a clean break point to terminate the original builder and was readily available to assist in the transition to the new builder.

Brad DeMotte is always available to answer questions and to provide technical assistance and guidance. He is clearly a highly qualified architect who has truly been a pleasure to work with.