Steven & Michele Feinstein

We have been working with Brad DeMotte of DeMotte Architects since last fall when we began the design of our new home. We are building a new colonial in Scarsdale that will sit on a half acre site and will be approximately 6000 square feet above ground. I can honestly say that Brad has been one of the easiest and most effective professionals that I have worked with in both my personal and professional lives. This is what I like about Brad:

He listens to what we want, but at the same time, he brings his extensive experience and knowledge to the table and constantly makes good recommendations.

He has a good design sense. Not over the top. It just feels right and is sensible.

He is incredibly efficient and responsive. It seems that the moment I press send on an email, his reply is already in my in box.

He is budget conscience meaning that he understands his role, our goals and what we want to spend on his services. I never feel like he is up selling us or overcharging for his time. Bottom line. I don’t mind the meter running with Brad. He has integrity and is aware of our budget.

He has a broad knowledge of building techniques, styles and standards. He is a great advocate with a builder in representing our needs. He played an important role in negotiating our contract with our builder. Something I was fairly new at and was put at ease knowing Brad was in our corner.

When we disagree, it is comfortable. I don’t feel like he is patronizing us due to our lack of experience and by the same token, while he has strong preferences, he realizes we are going to live in this house and not him.

Bottom line is this. While I am not an overly experience consumer of architectural services, I am glad I am working with Brad on our first big projects and I would not hesitate to do so again in the future. If you are considering a project, you should most definitely consider Brad.