Kieran Murphy & Stephanie Davis

We worked with Brad on the remodel of our split level home that we had outgrown after 3 years and two baby girls. Our home although spacious was lacking much needed extra bedrooms, bathrooms, mudroom and a spacious eat in kitchen with family room. Our home also needed a fair amount of updating to bring it up to the needs of a young growing family and for aesthetics purposes. Brad listened to our every need and wants and designed a home not only for our family today but for our future. He made sure to blend practicality with lovely architectural details. Brad is extremely professional, always available with any questions or concerns and extremely knowledgeable, not only about architecture design but construction and zoning requirements, etc. He comes to every meeting with pen and sketch paper and always provided multiple solutions. Every decision was a great collaboration, often with Brad having to comply with me wanting it all and my husband wanting to scale it back to not blow the budget. In the end the outcome Brad would provide was a perfect solution to suite the both of us and what made sense for the house and our family. When working with an architect, especially on large remodel, it is so important to feel as if your architect wants your home to be everything you every wanted. Every decision Brad made or proposed was one you knew he would do in his own home for his family. I often say meetings with Brad are fun and exciting because he is so creative, understanding and wants you to be happy and love your design. He also handled and guided us through every step of the process, from the very beginning of getting a survey to requesting the building permits and weeding through picking a contractor. Even the contractors were extremely impressed with the amount of detail Brad puts into his construction drawings, which allows for very little confusion and or budget overages. Brad has made our house a home and I would not hesitate to recommend Brad to anyone in need of an architect.