Mike & Suzanne Moore

My wife and I were extremely pleased with DeMotte Architects. We are doing a kitchen addition, exterior porch/patio, and a variety of re-do’s of other interior rooms (re-done master bath, laundry room, new mudroom, reworked home office, new flooring, etc.) We needed to improve the layout and utility of our home and Brad was an excellent listener. He worked with us patiently, provided endless iterations of floorplans and choices, and communicated promptly and well. We received site drawings, existing home drawings, demolition drawings, design drawings, elevation drawings, and electrical plans. Every builder we spoke to complimented Brad’s drawings – they are the most complete and detailed output we could find, by far.
Brad was especially helpful during the estimation and bid process. He created a ‘Bid Form’ and recommended local builders from whom we solicited estimates/bids. The Bid Form ensured that we were able to compare Builders apples-to-apples and make the most cost-effective choice for our Job,
We even asked for several initial rough estimates, and when these were well over our budget, we had an anchor point to re-work from with Brad. When we finally went out to bid with our re-re-revised plans, this ensured we were in the right cost ballpark to start a contract.
Brad will likely be involved during construction on an hourly basis to do a few periodic checkpoints and help us stay on track. All in all, Brad met all of our needs and we would hire him again without hesitation.